License and Partnership

GlycoZym has a broad patent portfolio (see patents) and actively seeks out-licensing opportunities and partnerships for its technologies and medical applications.

•   Enzymes:

GlycoZym has issued patents on a number of the key enzymes and genes controlling the O-glycosylation of proteins. Applications include enzymatic synthesis, engineering of host production cells, and antibodies.

•   Biomarkers:

GlycoZym has patent applications pending on its PTM-peptide biomarker discovery platform and validated biomarkers.

•   Vaccines:

GlycoZym has issued patents and pending applications on innovative adjuvant strategies and cancer vaccine targets.

•   Inhibitors:

GlycoZym has issued patents on drug targets for alleviating mucin accumulation in respiratory diseases such as Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease (COPD).

•   Antibodies:

GlycoZym has unique monoclonal antibodies to aberrant glycans found in cancer, and a simple platform for the generation of disease-specific monoclonal antibodies to PTM-peptide epitopes.